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Century Celebration 世紀禮讚 Book 21 - 30

Book 30

Keep On Burning



我確信 We Believe

區美賢 譯 / Don Besig & Nancy Price / Don Besig

基督活石 Jesus is the Living Stone

區美賢 譯 / adapted from 1 Peter 2:4-8 /Mary McDonald

求助之詩 Psalm 121

陳麗嬋 譯 / Psalm 121 / Heather Sorenson

安穩主愛裡 In Heavenly Love Abide 

李世珊 譯 / Anna Waring & Fanny Crosby / Lloyd Larson 


燃亮祢的燈 Keep Your Lamps Trimmed and Burning 

區美賢 譯 / Traditional , alt. /African American Spiritual / arr. by Lloyd Larson 

主愛永不離我而去 O Love That Will Not Let Me Go

黃鄧敏 譯 /George Matheson / tune ST. MARGARET, Albert Peace / arr. by Molly Ijames 

Book 29

Ceaseless Praise


我要歌唱, 豈能沉默 I Will Sing and Not Be Silent

區美賢 譯 / Allen Pote

阿利路亞,基督復活的! Alleluia, Christ Is Risen!

區美賢 譯 / Jay Althouse & Christopher Wordsworth / Jay Althouse

求主同在 Abide With Me

區美賢 譯 / Henry F. Lyte  William / Henry Monk / arr. by Molly Ijames

一切獻呈 I Surrender All

區美賢 譯 / Judson W. VanDe Venter / Steve Potts

求主扶助 Lord, Lift Me Up!

朱樂華 譯 / Johnson Oatman, Jr. / Mary McDonald

平安 Pacem

朱樂華 譯 / Patrick M. Liebergen / Dona Nobis Pacem / arr. by Patrick M. Liebergen

Book 28

The Victorious Christ



區美賢 譯

客西馬尼園 The Garden of Gethsemane

J. Paul Williams / Vicki Tucker Courtney


荒涼幽谷 Lonesome Valley

Traditional Spiritual / Jay Althouse / arr. by Jay Althouse


祂被藐視 He Was Despised

Karl H. Graun / arr. by William David Young


耶穌十架 Jesus Was Crucified

Jay Althous


祂不在此! He Is Not Here!

Joel Nagy / Russell Nagy


基督復活! Christ Is Risen!

Allen Pote

Book 27

Salvation Has Come



區美賢 譯

聖善夜 Holy Night, Holy Night

O Holy Night, by Adolph Adam / Silent Night, by Joseph Mohr & Franz Gruber / arr. by Ruth Elaine Schram


馬槽聖嬰 Away in a Manger

Anon & John T. McFarland / The Bold Grenadier,  English Folk / setting by Susan T. Nelson


神人聖子 Divinity in a Manger Bed

Marti McCartney Crow / A. Royce Eckhardt


寂靜平安夜 Upon a Calm and Quiet Night

James E. Clemens


慶主降生 He is Born!

Traditional French Carol / Donna Gartman Schultz


小小嬰孩 One Small Child

David Meece / arr. by Lloyd Larson

Book 26

Life Commitment



區美賢 譯

活出天國真實  I Then Shall Live
Gloria Gaither / Finlandia, by Jean Sibelius / arr. by Lloyd Larson


赴主宴席 Let Us Talents Tongue Employ
Fred Kann / Jamaican Folk Melody / adapt. by Doreen Potter / arr.  by Bradley Ellingboe


歌聲上達於天 Our Song Shall Rise to The
Reginald Heber / Joseph M. Martin


古今、永遠不變  From Age to Age the Same
Lloyd Larson , Martin Luther / Llyod Larson / Ein’ Feste Burg, by Martin Luther


萬福泉源 Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing
Robert Robinson / Timothy Shaw


祈禱之詩  Hymn of Prayer
John Whittier Whittier / Hugh S. Livingston Jr / Repton by Charles Parry

Book 25

Abundant Life



區美賢 譯

讚美主 Praise, Praise the Lord

Jay Althouse


主賜平安 God’s Peace

Marva J. Dawn / Beach Spring, by B.F. White / setting by C.J. Adams


耶路撒冷,快樂家鄉 Jerusalem, My Happy Home

Land of Rest / American Traditional / setting by Russell Schulz-Widmar


歌頌主權能  I Sing the Mighty Power of God

Isaac Watts, Mark Patterson / Mark Patterson


祢信實何廣大 Great is Thy Faithfulness

Thomas Chisholm / William M. Runyan / setting by Joseph M. Martin


基督-世界真光  Christ Is the World’s Light

Fred Pratt Green / Christe Sanctorum, by Paris Anitphoner / arr. by Llyod Larson

Book 24

Journey of Faith



區美賢 譯

生命詩章 A  Psalm for Life

Joseph M. Martin


奇妙主愛 Wondrous Love

Traditional / arr. by Alice Parker & Robert Shaw


歸家 When I Return

Marta Keen / arr. by Jay Althouse


我們記念祢 We Remember Thee

Jay Althouse


主愛何深 No Greater Love

Charlotte Lee / Douglas E. Wagner


客西馬尼 Gethsemane

Rob Little / David Catherwood


若無十架 Without His Cross

Joseph M. Martin


歡欣,  歡欣! Rejoice, Rejoice

Don Besig & Nancy Price / Don Besig

Book 23

Grace of God



區美賢 譯

施恩的主 God of Grace
Keith Getty & Jonathan Rea / arr. by Tom Fettke

耶和華是我的牧者 The Lord’s My Shepherd
Psalter, by Edinburgh / Brother James’ Air, J. L Macbeth Bain / arr. by Lloyd Larson

當安靜 Be Still
Herb Frombach / Mary McDonald

求主臨在 Come to Us, Lord Jesus
Paul McKay

神聖之愛 O Love Divine
Fanny Crosby / Irish Folk Tune / arr. by John Hudson

和散那歸與得勝的主 Hosanna to the Lord Triumphant
David Davenport / arr. by Patrick M. Liebergen

默念主耶穌受苦 A Lenten Meditation
Thomas B. Pollock / Douglas E. Wagner

信徙慶賀同歌唱 Christiansm Celebrate and Sing

Llyod Larson / Rejoice, Ye Pure In Heart, by Edward H. Plumptre & Arthur H Messiter

Book 22

You Are the Christ


祢是基督 You Are the Christ
區美賢 譯 / Pepper Choplin

神極愛世人 God So Loved
陳敏雯 譯 / arr. by Chuck Bridwell

主耶穌,我愛祢 My Jesus, I Love Thee
區美賢 譯 / William R. Featherston / Dan Kreider

聖靈降臨 Come, Holy Spirit, Come!
鄭棣聲 譯 / Susan Bentall Boersma / David Lantz III

和散那歸我王 Hosanna to Our King!
陳敏雯 譯 / Lloyd Larson

生命活泉 There Is a Fountain
區美賢 譯 / Willia Cowper / Dustan Chevalier / arr. by John Hudson

藉我彰顯基督 A Vision of You
周浩輝 譯 / Cindy Berry

牧人趕路 Eager Shepherds on their Way - Spanish Carol
區美賢 譯 / Traditiional Spanish Carol / english lyrics by Ian Jones /  arr. by Tom Cunningha

Book 21

How Great Thou Art


祢真偉大 How Great Thou Art - Atuart K. Hine
區美賢 譯 / Stuart K. Hine / arr. by Mark Hayes

別怕 Fear Not
鄭棣聲 譯 / Carl J. Nygard, Jr.

信心永存 Our Heritage of Faith
區美賢 譯 / arr. by Joseph M. Martin

向君王歌唱 Everyone, Sing to the King!
鄭棣聲 譯 / Susan Bentall Boersma / David Lantz III

活水天糧 O Living Bread of Heaven
區美賢 譯 / Johann Rist & Lloyd Larson / Lloyd Larson

救主復活 Easter Is Here
陳茂生 譯 / J. Paul Williams / Jon Paige

受造者之歌 We Are Made for Praise
鄭棣聲 譯 / Joseph M. Martin

馬利亞心曲 From Mary’s Heart
區美賢 譯 / Jean Abboud / arr. by David Lantz III