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Century Celebration 世紀禮讚 Book 31 - 36


Book 36



區美賢 譯


同來感恩 Come with Thanksgiving

Pamela Martin Tomlinson / arr. by Lloyd Larson / tune: Symphony by Johannes Brahms

何大的愛 How Great the Love

Mary Kay Beall / setting by John Carter



許翠梅 詞 / 葉德宗 曲

我知我的救贖主活著 I Know That My Redeemer Lives

based on JOb 19:25-26 & 1 Corinthians 13:12 / Craig Courtney


感謝創造主 For the Fruit of All Creation

Fred Pratt Green / Ar Hyd Y Nos - Traditional Welsh Melody / arr. by Mark Hayes


合而為一 We Are One

Allen Pote

Book 35



區美賢 譯


時代的禱告 A Prayer for Our Time

Pamela Martin / Joesph M. Martin incorporating MELTA by John Dykes


別無羔羊,別無他名 No Other Lamb, No Other Name
adapted by Jay Althouse from CHRISTINA ROSSETTI / Jay Althouse



Thomas O. Chisholm / Joel Raney

真光之父 Father of Light
Susan Bentall Boersma based onPsalm 56:3,4,13 / Craig Courtney


差遣我 We are Called
Mark Hayes based on Micah 6:8 / David Haas


平安像江河 Like a River in My Soul
Traditional Spiritual arr. by Tim Osiek & edited by Dan Forrest

Book 34

Soli Deo Gloria


區美賢 譯


唯獨神得榮耀 Soli Deo Gloria

Larry Bryant / arr. by Mark Hayes


救主善牧 Saviour, Like a Shepherd Lead Us

Dorothy A. Thrupp / Joel Raney


歸家 Come Home

Will L. Thompson / Craig Courtney


和散那歸於大衛的子孫 Hosanna to the Son of David

based on Matthew 21 : 9 / Allen Pote


你若愛我 If you love me

based on John 14 : 15, 27 / Joel Raney


凱旋復活 Easter Triumph

based on three resurrection hymns / Mark Hayes

Book 33

Glory to the Newborn King


區美賢 譯


聖誕將臨 Christmas Is Coming
Joel Raney


聖誕聖哉頌 Christmas Sanctus
Lee Dengler / Susan Naus Dengler


天使之歌 Angel Song
Glory to the Newborn King / Patricia Mock and Jon Paige


以馬內利 Emmanuel
Tom Long / Allen Pote


善牧羔羊 The Shepherds' Lamb
Susan Bentall Boersma / Dan Forrest


星光引路 Star-Led and Wonder Bound
Narration based on Matthew 2 : 9, 10 / Mary Kay Beall

Book 32

To the Lamb


區美賢 譯


頌讚羔羊 To the Lamb on the Throne

“Ye Servants of God” - Charles Wesley / Dan Forres


讚美主 Praise Him

based upon Doxology - Thomas Ken (Psalms 150 & 145) / Craig Courtney 


求賜信心前往 Faith to Carry On

Don Besig & Nancy Price / Don Besig


祢在樹下禱告 When You Prayed Beneath the Trees

Christopher Idle / Lloyd Larson


一生事奉主 I Will Serve the Lord All My Days
Don Besig & Nancy Price / Don Besig


頌歌不住 He Keeps Me Singing
Luther B. Bridgers / arr. by Patti Drennan

Book 31

God's Christmas Grace


區美賢 譯


齊來傾聽歡樂歌唱 Come and Hear the Joyful Singing

陳麗嬋 譯 / Michael Perry / Hal H. Hopson / arr. by Hal H. Hopson

聖誕頌歌 Three French Carols

林德樺 譯

incorporating: "Sing We Now of Christmas", "He Is Born, the Divine Christ Child", "Pat-a-Pan" 

arr. by Stan Pethel

是何嬰孩? What Child Is This?

李世珊 譯 /  部分修自聖詩集 / William C. Dix / Joel Raney

聖誕恩典 Christmas Grace

區美賢 譯 / Ruth Elaine Schram

尋者之歌 Carols for Seekers

林德樺 譯 / Joseph M. Martin / La Marche Des Rois & Coventry Carol / arr. by Joseph M. Martin

聖誕祝願 A Christmas Blessing

陳麗嬋 譯 / Pamela Stewart / Lloyd Larson, incorporating "Silent Night"

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